Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mike Trello. I am senior programmer/analyst by trade, with nearly thirty years of experience in the IT field.  Although knowing of MAME for several years prior, it was not until the Fall of 2002 that my interest really skyrocketed. The cabinet building bug bit me hard and from initial thought to actual construction of my first cabinet was under two months.  Most of this time was spent researching. My wood working background was minimal prior to this project. Luckily I had a more experienced friend to run ideas past. And to borrow tools from. 

I had been out of the arcades for a decade, so I used a pre-built controller (X-arcade) with the thought that down the road I might build my own after getting a better handle on what my requirements would actually be. The X-arcade is a great product and served me well for nearly six months, taking all the abuse thrown its way. I then built a custom controller which I have been using ever since. 

My original site,, was constructed as a service to individuals interested in learning how I built my first MAME cabinet. However, the traffic quickly outgrew what the tripod site could provide and I upgraded to this one,, in February 2004.  In March 2004, ArcadeCab the business, was started in response to local and web-based interest.  After two-and-a-half years, I closed the store to focus on other, neglected projects. Information on how to build the products has now been added to the site. 

There are two sets of cabinet plans now, the original X-arcade base ones and the newest set. These cabinet plan pages have proven to be popular to those interested in the design and construction of a MAME cabinet, whether you follow the plans to the letter or just use the pictures for ideas. I have attempted to explain how each section was created, being sure to identify mistakes, so the reader can hopefully learn from them. I tried to include as many helpful pictures as were warranted. If you build a cabinet based on this design, I'd love to see your pictures. I have a page to showcase some of these examples. I would be happy to include yours, too. Just send me a picture at

If you have any questions or comments, I can be contacted at the address at the bottom of this page. Please put MAME somewhere in the subject line so it is not confused with spam. I'll be happy to assist in whatever way I can.

Please feel free to look around.