Arcade Projects

My Projects
Below are the arcade related projects that I have documented thus far.  I continue to work on various projects and will add them to this page when I deem them of some value to the average MAMEr (and have time to get them documented).  Check the News page for regular updates. 

Complete List of Projects

Free MAME Cabinet plans   BarCade: A tabletop MAME Cabinet

MAME Cabinet

This was my introduction to the MAME scene.  The cabinet originally was built specifically for the X-arcade controller.  After six months, I felt confident enough to build the controller I use currently.


BarCadeThis project used an unused Pentium 75 and 15" monitor, along with leftover plywood and other materials.  A PDF document of the procedure is also available.

My first custom controller   Mamewah installation

My first Custom Controller

This was my first attempt at a custom controller, which replaced the X-arcade.  It has proved to be extraordinarily durable and has provided endless fun. 



Mamewah Front end Installation

These are my thoughts of the installation process of  Mamewah.  It is a replacement for MAME32 on my cabinet.    New* Now includes a "How-to install" section.


    Z26: Atari 2600 emulator

Mamewah Front end Installation
This document explains how to simply get the newest release of  Mamewah installed.


Atari 2600 Emulator
I added the Z26 emulator to my Mamewah installation on the cabinet and love it!

click to read about WAWI/Winamp   GGG trackball booster

WAWI/Winamp Combo for  Wireless MP3 Enjoyment
I am toying with making all my MP3s available through the home stereo and being controlled via any PC in the house.  Here is how I am doing it.


Trackball Booster Kit by GroovyGameGear
I've upgraded the trackball in my personal control panel with these upgraded encoder wheels.  See if they make a difference for me.

Happ 2.5 inch trackball   Wiring the MAME cabinet's coindoor

Investigating a Happ 2.25" Trackball
I've finally gotten around to cleaning a used Happ trackball from an ebay auction a while back.


Wiring the Coin Door
A run-through of how to wire your coin door lights and the coin inputs so as to operate on coins only.

MAME support files   My new Mamewah layout

MAME Support Files
I have listed where to find the MAME support files.  Hopefully this will help some of you.


My New Mamewah Layout
See what my new layout looks like, how I created it, and download it's components.

Dream Arcades Cocktail Cabinet Review   Dream Arcade's Cocktail Power Switch Modification

Dream Arcades Cocktail Cabinet Review
Steve Welander describes the construction of his contest prize


Dream Arcades Cocktail Power Switch Mod
Steve Welander details the external power switch he added to his Dream Arcade Cocktail.

VolumeTray   X-arcade backing board

I needed to be able to adjust game volume from MAME from the control panel.  This application solved that issue.


X-Arcade Backing Board
This shows how I, long ago, fixed the issue of my X-arcade shifting during heavy game play.

ArcadeCab's Ultra-Trackball Plans   Cabinet modifications for use with X-arcade's Tankstick controller

Ultra-Trackball/Single-Player Panel Plans
I detail how to construct a Ultra-Trackball controller using my original design.  These plans also work for the popular single-player panels. As always, these plans are free!


Modifications to our cabinet Designs for the X-gaming TankStick®
I have included the changes necessary to incorporate the TankStick into ArcadeCab's Cabinet Design


Mamewah and CPV2 Layouts for the
X-gaming TankStick®

Craig Daines has provided layouts to be used with Mamewah and CPViewer for users of the TankStick. 


My Second Set of Cabinet Plans (in PDF form)
This PDF document contains the same pages as found in the Cabinet Plans 2 section, only without the full page pictures.  For ease of printing.


Thierry's Metric Plans
Thierry converted the second set of plans to metric and has allowed them to be posted here for your use.  PDF, DWG and JPG formats have been provided.


My updated method to power the Coindoor lights
I have written up my new method of keeping the coindoor lights going.


Dragon's Lair install on 64 bit PC

I describe how I set up Daphne to run Dragon's Lair on my updated PC.  I include the needed frame files and DLCDROM files.

My MaLa Installation

A very brief page describing some important settings in my MaLa setup.

Mame cabinet plans (PDF)- right-click and Save as...

MAME Cabinet Plans (.PDF)