I have had a lot of good feedback with regard to the information on this site, which is always nice to hear.  I am extremely pleased that this site has helped builders to the extent it has.  Through many emails, I have seen a number of in-progress pictures of cabinets based on this design.  If you have successfully used my site to create your cabinet, I would love to include a picture of your 'completed' project on this page.  I'd be happy to include any contact information you'd want to add.  You can send your pics to

Suzanne C's Megacade
Suzanne did the spectacular artwork herself.


Greg B's Arcade
Greg built this to specifically play the classics.


Jared P's Retrocade

Jared P's Retrocade


Ryan's Cabinet Ryan's Cabinet

Ryan's Arcade
Ryan made the cabinet slimmer and wider, and is using a Raspberry Pi to run Retropie and an Arduini Uno to control the marquee LEDs.


Jonathon M's arcade Jonathan M's control panel
Jonathan's marquee

Jonathan M's Project
Jonathan used a 24"  1080p LED TV, a Raspberry Pi 3 with 64GSD running Retropie with Emulation Station in this beauty.


David M's Arcade
David modified the second set of plans to make the cabinet a bit wider, and even thoughtfully included a fridge within.  Great touch!


Ben K's Arcade
Ben modified the second set of plans to make the cabinet shallower, and created an integrated control panel..


Alexandre K's KOTLI Cab
He modified the second set of plans to make the cabinet shallower, and had the black melamine CNC cut.


R.J. P's Michael Jackson Arcade Cabinet
RJ built this three-player arcade, and created aTumbler page with plenty of details.


Chris M's Arcade
Chris used the second set of plans, adjusting the cabinet's width to 26" to accommodate a larger monitor.


David D's "Project X"
His blog posts of its construction


Wes B's "The Mame Gold Mine"
He widened the cabinet to accommodate a 24" LCD monitor as well as chopped 10" off the depth.  The cabinet was named after the Gold Mine arcade where Wes worked 20 years ago.


Wade P's "Super Arcade"
His software blog post, and hardware post.


Chris M's arcade


Dave D's "NAF"


Dustin's "MEGATRON"


Ryan H's "Bluefire Arcade"


Andy and Shelley's Retrocade



James V's Cabinet


Wayne W's Golden Tee Golf cabinet


Phil's arcade includes a 29" Makvision CRT Arcade Monitor


Ben J's cabinet


Mark K's arcade


Jason T's Blue Meanie
Here are four construction photos: One, two, three, and four.


Jolly-Ox's Multicade


Keven L's "War Machine"


Jamie W's cabinet


Luciano A's arcade.


Eric B's arcade.  It features a 27" Wells Gardner monitor.


This is Donald F's "Ultimate Arcade".


Jeffery F completed this beauty.


Bernard B constructed this cabinet.


Noah B constructed this arcade.


Johno W built  "The Ghost in the Machine".


Jose C built this cabinet and panel around a 27" TV.




This is Derek M's custom control panel he added to his existing cabinet.



This is Chris G's cabinet, built around the TankStick.


Brad G built this TankStick-driven cabinet with HyperSpin as the front-end.  He used the UNREAL Coindoor  from Groovy Game Gear for the coindoor (see right photo). 


This custom built X-arcade-themed machine was created by Blake W.  


James P constructed this beauty, using the GameEx frontend.


Richard B built this BarCade, using the Mala frontend.


Doug M's cabinet with TankStick and GamEX front-end

Doug M's cabinet with TankStick and GamEX front-end

This is Doug M's cabinet, built with the TankStick, with the GamEx frontend.


Craig D built this cabinet, which includes the TankStick with the Mamewah front-end. 


This is brother-in-law Scott Mccullar's beauty.  An ultra-hirez shot is hereFor the entire step-by-step build, check out the second set of plans.


John H built these two cabinets at the same two over three weekends.  


Michael L built this cabinet and custom control panel.  He wrote up his construction process on retrojunk that you might find helpful and created a startup video.



Alex built this cabinet, the CzArcade.  He has a blog of the cabinet building process as well a bunch of construction pictures here.



Patrick T constructed this beautiful cabinet, named "The Jolly Roger".  The control panel is custom built by him as well, using three hacked USB gamepads.



Wayne P built these two single-player control panels using my plans as a basis.  He made the enhancements to suit his needs.  Very sharp artwork!


Philip B built this BarTop using a 17" LCD for his sister's boyfriend Henri as a surprise.  He included quite a few nice touches such as external DVD access, a subwoofer, and a wide variety of software onboard.  Philip also created a youtube video of the project.  Additional details on the 12/9/2007 News page.


Hector Q built this nice Street Fighter cabinet.


Chris B built this cabinet using the X-gaming's XXL controller.  He is running Gamex over XP.  His site,, includes a large number of construction pictures and other miscellaneous arcade tidbits.


Joel sent me a couple pictures of his most recently constructed BarCade, which is 90% complete.  He used a 17" horizontal monitor and is running Wah!Cade and a slew of console emulators.  He has quite a few construction photos on his site.   Be sure to check out his other projects further down this page.




Philip B's cabinet has an X-box running X-box Media Center to drive the system and includes a 19" LCD monitor.  He uses Mamedox for his arcade games, and has added both emulators kawax and  fba-xxx.




Rich S's cabinet uses an X-box to drive the system, includes a 20" monitor with NTSC transcoder so the  X-box can display VGA, and smoked glass in front of the monitor.  Open to coin door to access the X-box's power switch and transcoder, or the cabinet's door to remove the system.



Close-up of the Mario Graphic

Alan Cudmore built this slick looking cabinet.  He uses a 19" LCD as the monitor.  He has more pictures and a great slideshow at his site



The custom panel

Andrew Pierce built this nicely varnished, oak cabinet in, get this, three days.  Fantastic job!  Two construction shots are here.  The material list.



Stephen P built this "VS the Goonies" cabinet, complete with custom Gamex frontend.   He has a large number of additional photos on his photobucket site.



Temp marquee in place

Greg R built this special cabinet. It includes a custom control panel and ground effects(!).  Check out all the photos (and resources) on his fantastic site.


Construction Shot

Ryan L created this beauty.  His site contains many excellent construction photos that might interest you.

Michael C built this cabinet based on Lucid's design.  I think the base he constructed to house the X-arcade (until he constructs his custom controller) is quite elegant.  His site includes more pictures.


Darren S sent in pictures of his completed arcade stick that used a custom designed, single-player panel.  He used the parts from a SF Anniversary stick plus added a Happ 360.  He had me put the stick on the right side. 



Inside the Control Panel

Tony L sent in these pictures of his BarTop.  He used bits of the design from both mine and Menace's minicades, worked them up as a CAD drawing, then had the components computer cut on a OMX WaterJet cutter.  As you might have guessed, this was not his first cabinet attempt. He has a fullsize and a jukebox, too.   An Interior shot.



Introducing classic arcade gaming to a new generation: Priceless

Jerry Z, of  West Virginia, completed this cabinet.  His wife, Katrina, created the great bezel.  A couple additional pictures are here: Computer, Construction Front View, and Construction Side View.



Curtis G sent in these pictures of his cabinet, complete save for a few "tweaks."  Curtis used tinted Plexiglass for the monitor bezel and says it works great.  He states "You can barely see the monitor when it's off but still looks good when it's on." 


Joel sent me a couple pictures of his recently completed BarCade.  He used my plans as the basis, and added a few of his own mods.  He has quite a few construction photos on his site.   12/23 Update: Joel has completed his second cabinet, this one for a Christmas present.  For those people needing a detailed explanation of a low-end PC gaming install, see his software install page.


Predator-J built this cabinet.  His blog  is here.


Ronni's cabinet- click for a larger image Ronni's cabinet- click for a larger image Ronni's cabinet- click for a larger image

Ronni built this beauty.  Note the angle of the monitor bezel.

Chris, creator of the ultrastyle front-end,  built this cabinet.  Note the unique design of the marquee.


Brian built this cabinet to compliment his pinball machines.  His site is Brian's Retro Pinball and Video World.


Jason Yourell & James Burke built this beauty.

Jerry Fath's cabinet Jerry Fath's cabinet Jerry Fath's cabinet Jerry Fath's cabinet

Jerry Fath constructed this cabinet and custom controller as a Christmas present to his children.  Several sample construction pics: One, twothree and four.

Click to see a larger picture of Jim Howard's cabinet.

Jim Howard built this colorful cabinet.  It will soon have a Tron marquee.

Click to see a larger picture of Mike Warren's Cabinet

Mike Warren, of State College, Pennsylvania, built this beautiful cabinet.  He will be using the X-arcade until he completes his custom controller.  Mike can be reached at

Derek's cabinet   Derek's cabinet

This cabinet, which features a 21" monitor,  was built by Derek M.  His website.

Roger's cabinet   Roger's cabinet

This cabinet was built by Roger B.


Mike's cabinet

This cabinet was built by Mike Tremblay. 
Additional pictures can be found on his site here.

Kristina's project   Kristina's project

This cabinet was built by Kristina G.