Modification to the cabinet designs for X-Arcade's TankStick

TankStick ModificationsController area for the Tankstick
A long time ago I promised to provide details for the modifications required to use a TankStick with my plans.  I contacted a visitor who had used the TankStick recently, Ash, for the measurements that he used and he quite graciously sent me the information.  The key measurements are shown in the diagram to the right.   Ash also expanded the width of the cabinet from the 21-1/2" (20" interior + 3/4" ply + 3/4" ply) to 25-1/2" to account for the larger controller.  This makes the TankStick's sides flush with the cabinet, as in the original design.  All the interior pieces will have to increase from 20" to 24".  Ash also discovered another small change he had to make.  From his email:

"One other thing... I had to alter the design concerning the keyboard drawer. You used a piece of wood between the bottom of the controller and the top of the drawer face but the Tankstick is larger than the Dual joystick, and that buffer piece of wood doesn't work with your measurements. I didn't realize this until I was actually building and installing the drawer, but it turns out that it's no big deal to just leave off that extra piece of wood and have the drawer top flush with the controller bottom. My drawer face is 2 1/2 inches high, with 1/4 of an inch of space between the bottom of the controller and the top of the drawer face to account for the little 'feet' on the bottom of the controller. TheTankStick cab measurements bottom of the keyboard drawer face up to the top of the front of the controller, just where the front face meets the bottom of 3/4 inch surface, measures 5 inches exactly. The front of the drawer, measured out horizontally to the front edge of controller slot portion of the cab sides, is 2 inches. In all other regards, I pretty much used your measurements."

I want to thank Ash for the great information he's provided.  I hope this helps.  I've also created a tweaked complete cab side diagram for use with the TankStick.