ArcadeCab Custom Controller Options


ArcadeCab Custom Controller Options

ArcadeCab Custom Control Panel
Our custom controller comes standard with a 3" PS2 trackball, two 8-way Competition joysticks, a 4-way Ultimate joystick , and all the buttons shown.  The available options listed below.  If you don't see an option you would like, please feel free to email us to inquire about pricing and availability. (Note- These are on hiatus until start of 2006. See 7/2/05 News item for more information)

Price: $389.95 (Currently Unavailable)


Upgrade Options

Happ Top Fire Super Joystick
Happ Top Fire joystick substituted for a Competition joystick.  This item is only available in black with a red fire button.  Replaces Player 2 by default.

$35.00 (per joystick)

PacMan Ball top Joystick
Ultimarc 4-way J-stick Ball Top replacement for the Ultimate 4-way.  It is only available as a red, ball top.


Omni-Stik Prodigy
True 4-way and 8-way switchable from the top of the control panel.


Omni-Stik TopFire
An excellent topfire joystick that is available as a dedicated 4-way or 8-way.  Replaces Player 2 by default.


Balltop Joystick replacement shafts
These can replace the standard joystick handles in any of the joysticks on your control panel.  Available in a variety of colors and styles.


Single button Pinball upgrade
dds a pinball button on either side of the controller.


Ultimarc's 56-input I-pac upgrade
Substitutes the 56-input I-pac for the standard, 28-input. This allows for future expandability.


Oscar's Model 3 Spinner (with knob)
Adds the Model 3 Spinner to the control panel for games such as Tempest.  Includes all required wiring.

$60.00 (Not currently available)

SlikStik's Tornado Spinner (with knob)
Adds the Tornado Spinner to the control panel for spinner games.  This spinner is known for it's ability to spin for minutes on end with a single spin.



If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email