Single-Player Control Box

Single-player Laminated Control Box

Single player controller base (with T-molding optionally installed)

Single-player Laminated Control Panel (Control Box Only)
This laminated, MDF shell is ready for your controls.  (No controls are included)  Panel accepts Happ Competition/Ultimate/Super joysticks. 

Price: $55.95  (Currently Unavailable)


Install the T-molding?:

Carriage bolts (set)?:

Cable routing hole style:

 (Note- Unavailable)

ArcadeCab's Ultra-Trackball Plans- Right click and Save As... Here is how to build your own!


This is for those individuals who are looking for a high quality, affordable, single-player control panel who may not have the time or tools to build it themselves.  These control boxes are extremely sturdy and will endure years of hard gaming, yet are small and light enough to considered portable.  Little details such as the underside of the panel routered out 1/4" so that the joystick shaft sits a little higher, and a gentle front-to-back slope set this panel apart. 

Black carriage bolts for securing the joystick are not easy to find so we offer them here as an option.  These two-inch carriage bolts are available for purchase to save you time hunting them down.  You may select from any of the standard templates shown below or order a custom layout of your own for just a few dollars more (top-mount only, 11 button max- just specify in the PayPal notes field). 

A new option has just been added for those console gaming customers.  Whereas the standard, round hole in the middle of the rear face has been designed to accept multiple PS/2 plugs to fit through, a new design allows all size connectors a safe exit.  Both versions are shown at the bottom of this page.

Standard Templates

Six button standard
A.  Six button standard (PDF)

Seven button standard
B.  Seven button standard (PDF)

Eight button standard
C.  Eight button standard (PDF)

Eight button straight
D.  Eight button straight (PDF)

Six button curved
E.  Six button curved (PDF)

Eight button curved
F.  Eight button curved (PDF)


The ArcadeCab Single-player control panel box features:

  • 3/4" MDF construction of the top and sides

  • Black Wilsonart laminate on top and sides

  • Holes drilled to receive a Happ Competition, Ultimate, or Super joystick; underside routered out 1/4" to add more height to the stick

  • Predrilled button holes (per your template selection); includes 6-8 player buttons, hole for coin, and hole for player start

  • Predrilled cable routing hole out the back (either the standard round hole or the console-friendly hole)

  • Hardboard bottom pre-drilled and fastened with 4 screws

  • Slotted for T-molding; T-molding included but not installed (installation $2.50 extra)

  • 4 rubber feet installed

Additional Pictures:

8-button standard layout (C) 8-button standard layout (C)
8-button curved layout (F) Single player controller base (with T-molding optionally installed)
Hardboard Base Slight slope for greater comfort

Customized layout
Customized 7-button Standard

Customized layout
Customized 7-button Standard

Six button Standard

Six button Standard

Standard cable routing hole

Special routing hole for console cables


Height (including control surface) - 5"
Width Control surface - 16"
Length (from front to back) - 10"


Shipping is $14, insured, to any of the lower 48 states.  Currently these will be shipped only to the USA and Canada as the international rates are outrageous.  These panels are custom and are begun after you place your order.  Therefore, please allow up to 3 weeks for shipment.
  You will be kept well informed of the control panel's progress so there will be no surprises.


ArcadeCab's Ultra-Trackball Plans- Right click and Save As... These are the plans for how to build your own!