Ultra-Trackball Unpopulated Control Box

Ultra-Trackball Unpopulated Control Box

Ultra-Trackball Unpopulated Control Panel (Control Box Only)
The Ultra-trackball melamine-covered MDF shell.  (Trackball, plate and buttons are not included but can be added.)  Fits either the Betson/Imperial or the Happ trackballs.

Price: $45.95  (Unavailable)

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This is for those individuals who might prefer a Happ trackball or already have their own trackball and would like a complete Ultra-Trackball case to put it in. This is great for those who do not have the time, tools, or skills to construct their own trackball panel.  Just add your own 3" trackball, trackball plate, and three pushbuttons (not included) and you are ready to go.  The entire control panel is cut on a high-tech CNC machine so the fit and finish is phenomenal.

The Ultra-trackball control panel box features:

  • 5/8" Black Melamine-covered MDF construction; extremely durable

  • Predrilled trackball cutout with mounting holes for trackball plate

  • 3 predrilled button holes

  • Predrilled cable routing slot out the back

  • Hardboard bottom pre-drilled and fastened with 4 screws

  • T-molding installed on the top and two sides

The trackball cutout accommodates both the Betson/Imperial trackball and  Happ trackball perfectly.   

Additional Pictures:

Height (including control surface) - 3-1/2" sloped to 4-3/8"
Width Control surface - 16"
Length (from front to back) - 10-1/2"

Shipping is only $12, insured, to any of the lower 48 states via FedEx Ground.  Currently these only will be shipped to the USA and Canada as the international rates are outrageous.  Generally orders go out within two business days, but p
lease allow up to seven working days from date of order for trackball box to ship.



ArcadeCab's Ultra-Trackball Plans- Right click and Save As... These are the plans for how to build your own!