Ultra-Trackball Controller!

Ultra-Trackball Controller!

Ultra-Trackball Control Panel
A rugged and precise arcade trackball controller that can go anywhere.  This mouse replacement brings a true arcade feel to your home computer and is fantastic for Tiger Woods PGA Golf!

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This controller replaces your standard mouse for many games that benefit from a trackball. Golf games such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour™, Golden Tee™, and Links™ are far more exciting with this unit than with just the standard PC mouse. And with the MAME emulator, you can also play many classic games such as Centipede, Missile Command, Marble Madness and Millipede. The recent Shuffleshot is even more addicting with this controller.

The brand new 3" Betson Imperial arcade trackball inside is the very same one found in commercial Golden Tee cabinets, with the addition of a six foot long PS/2 plug. The buttons are Happ Ultimate pushbuttons, guaranteed for 10,000,000 presses. These are not cheap knockoff parts but the very same high quality parts used for many years in the arcades.  The professionally milled, melamine construction is designed and built with game play as well as durability in mind. 

It is extremely simple to setup. Just a single PS/2 plug connects to the mouse port on your PC, replacing the mouse. Nothing to install. Windows will see it as a three-button mouse.

You may select the buttons colors from red, white, black, green, blue, yellow or purple.  See bottom of page for controller examples.

Ultra-Trackball button color choices

The controller is CNC cut  from 5/8" black melamine-covered medium density fiberboard (MDF) and is a solid 8 lbs. It is 3-1/2" sloped to 4-3/8" tall x 16" wide x 10-1/2" deep, making it suitable for use on your desk or table. All exposed surfaces are covered in thick melamine, with matching black T-molding on the edges.  The controller rests on T-molding, affording protection for any surface it rests on.  This product is designed to provide years of reliable fun.  It also travels well, as it recently provided some needed evening relaxation via Tiger Woods Golf during a recent business trip.


Note regarding laptops:
Many newer laptops do not come with a PS/2 port. In order to use the Ultra-trackball you need a PS/2 port.  If your laptop does not have a PS/2 port, you'll require an additional PS/2(F)-to-USB(M) adapter. These adapters are available at your local electronics store or MonoPrice.comThis is only a concern if your laptop does not have a PS2 port.  Desktop users are unaffected.



Shipping is $14, insured, to any of the lower 48 states via FedEx Ground.  Currently these only will be shipped to the USA as the international rates are outrageous.   These controllers are generally shipped within two working days of order, however please allow up to seven working days for shipment.   You are emailed a tracking number when they are sent.




ArcadeCab's Ultra-Trackball Plans- Right click and Save As... These are the plans for how to build your own!