Cabinet Plans 2: Monitor Bezel

Monitor Bezel 
Scott designed the monitor bezel for his cabinet. He took graphic elements from Space Invaders, Tron and Defender to create the retro look. Before he set about creating the final design, he measured both the glass and the monitor face while it  was mounted in the cabinet. The 1/4" glass was 19-3/4" wide x 22" tall. Once he measured the monitor face, he calculated he would need 2-5/8" border on each side, 4-3/8" border on the top, and 6" border on the bottom. This gave him the measurements needed to get started. He worked up the graphic in Adobe Illustrator and had it printed locally (Capitol Blueprint),  oversized in color. The artwork file is available on the far left of this page. He then purchased a neutral gray (with black core) 3-ply heavy matte board from Michaels that he mounted the artwork on, using a spray adhesive. The black core was important for when he cut the bezel at 45 degrees for the monitor to show through, the black core blended nicely into the monitor face. The heavier board made it sturdy to hold up against the glass when pressed together.

The series of photographs (A through G) show the process just described, with the final picture (H) showing how nice it looks when in place. For your information, the graphic cost $23.50, the matte board $15, and the glass
$16. The final look.. priceless.









Scott's Bezel artwork as an Adobe Illustrator file

Bezel Artwork (Adobe Illustrator file)



4/2/2013 Update:  An extremely popular question I get asked is how the glass stays in place.  The glass simply rests on the monitor shelf  and leans back against the 16" ledger boards (which you can see in I below) .  The monitor shelf comes to the very front of the cabinet (J), which gives the glass a nice resting spot.  The control panel, once placed, will keep the bottom of the glass from slipping forward, off the shelf.  And the slope of the cabinet, combined with gravity, keeps the glass lying back against the ledgers.  If you use artwork, just place that behind the glass.  It will look beautiful.  I hope this explanation helps make things clearer.