Game Day    
Game Day
Cutting the sides
Building the Base
Attaching Base/Shelf
Stand it Up
Back Beams
Ledger Boards
Add Back
The Monitor shelf
Patching and Sanding
Priming and Painting
Drawer Construction
Installing the Door
Door lock
Wiring Coin Door
Speaker Area
Monitor Bezel


Off to Lowes (or Menards) to purchase your plywood sheets and 2x4s. You will need 3 sheets of 4x8 plywood. I used " birch, cabinet-grade plywood. I know, it is overkill for something that will be painted. However, you will have to do a minimum of sanding and it machines very nicely. It also has less warping than other options.  You could get by with 2 sheets of birch and a sheet of MDF for the interior parts if you wished to save a few dollars. Have Lowes cut one board into three 20"x48" strips. This will save you time later on. 20" boards are used for the base, monitor shelf, top pieces, back and controller strip (mentioned in Cabinet Dimensions). I spent a fair amount of time with a circular saw trying to get these pieces right. Hindsight is 20/20.

I purchased six 8 2x4s. I ended up using a little over four of them but it is better to be safe than sorry and they are not that expensive. And, if you have a small car as I do and need a truck/van to transport them, it is a lot easier now.  I ended up using one of them as a straight edge.

I also picked up the Kilz and paint this same day. I had them tint the Kilz to a nice gray shade. They will not want to do this but they will when pressed. Having bright white under a black layer of paint is a recipe for disaster. They also recommended Valspar Duramax black paint for durability.  It is incredible.

Take all your purchases back to ground zero and unload.

In summary:

3 - 4x8' sheets of plywood  
6 - 8' 2x4s  
1 - gallon Kilz, tinted black  
1 - gallon Valspar Duramax Latex Gloss Enamel  



MAME Cabinet Plans (.PDF)
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