Step 13- Taking the toy inside    
Game Day
Cutting the sides
Building the Base
Attaching Base/Shelf
Stand it Up
Back Beams
Ledger Boards
Add Back
The Monitor shelf
Patching and Sanding
Priming and Painting
Drawer Construction
Installing the Door
Door lock
Wiring Coin Door
Speaker Area
Monitor Bezel


I could not wait to get it inside and start playing. 

With some help, I moved it from the garage into the house.  I rolled it into the middle of a room.  This is where I installed the T-molding.  Since it is such an easy process (actually, I forgot) I did not take any pictures.  Just force the molding into the grooves you cut at the start and smooth it all down.  A rubber mallet helps and I used the side of a screwdriver handle to smooth it all down.  At some of the corners, I was forced to cut a 'V' of the molding groove out so it would lie flat.  I used a steak knife but anything sharp will do.

Once that was complete, I moved it to the room where it would be set up temporarily.  Then I loaded all the components inside and powered it all up for a nice test drive.

Take a few pictures so your co-workers can be jealous and start playing.  I actually used it this way for most of a week before continuing.  Whenever you are ready to continue, move to the next section.



Update- 5/26/07- To answer a popular question, I placed T-molding into the backside and front side of the X-arcade slot, not the underside.  This will make a very snug fit for the controller, and at the same time protects the controller itself. See bottom-most picture at right.



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