Step 11- Patching and Sanding    
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The next step is to patch all of the holes.  Make sure you have driven all the screws below the surface of the wood. If you havenít, do so before continuing. If you are having trouble getting one below, reverse it out a bit, then re-sink it full throttle. It that fails, just accept that it was not meant to be.  I have a few screws that stubbornly remained above the surface but they aren't too noticeable once you have painted.  I guarantee no visitor will notice (nor point out) any imperfections they see.  It's all about the game.

Patch all the holes and let it sit overnight. Zzzzzzz...

The next day you get to sand.  By using cabinet grade plywood, minimal sanding will actually be needed.  I used a 120 grit paper to sand down the patched areas and to go over the entire cabinet, inside and out.  Then I used 220 to go over the entire cabinet again, paying special attention to the areas that will be visible: sides, front, back, and top.  Brush off everything to get the major dust particles off.  
Next, clean up all your work area.  Sweep the whole area good and maybe let the area air out for a while.  You don't want stray dust particles ending up in your paint job.  Time for a beer.

When you are done with your celebratory beer, wipe the whole cabinet off very good with tack cloths.  Don't be stingy.  I went through six wiping it all down.

[Update- I used clean, cotton shop cloths to wipe of the cabinets well, then used one tack cloth to finish it all off.  Worked much better.]


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