> Why build a cabinet?
> Cost
> Tools
> Materials
Game Day
Cutting the sides
Building the Base
Attaching Base/Shelf
Stand it Up
Back Beams
Ledger Boards
Add Back
The Monitor shelf
Patching and Sanding
Priming and Painting
Drawer Construction
Installing the Door
Door lock
Wiring Coin Door
Speaker Area
Monitor Bezel

The cost of the cabinet is flexible. You can add everything I did or you can skip putting in a coin box and marquee for now. I built into the cabinet a new PC and new 19" monitor. This upped the cost considerably but is somewhere you can save money. You likely will have a spare PC available that will run most of the MAME games quite nicely. The roms can be obtained from a variety of sources.

I was able to find some items on ebay and paid substantially less than retail price for them. Do a little looking and you can save yourself a fair amount of money.

A complete list of items is included.  An abbreviated list of the more expensive items follows:

Item Where Price (includes S/H & tax)
X-arcade Controller orig 160 now $130
Coin door ebay 46
Mag 19" Monitor Best Buy online 233
3 sheets 3/4" ply Lowes 117


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