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Game Day
Cutting the sides
Building the Base
Attaching Base/Shelf
Stand it Up
Back Beams
Ledger Boards
Add Back
The Monitor shelf
Patching and Sanding
Priming and Painting
Drawer Construction
Installing the Door
Door lock
Wiring Coin Door
Speaker Area
Monitor Bezel


You will need a table saw (or circular saw), drill with screwdriver bits, jig saw, (miter saw, if you have one available), router with a 1/16" slot cutting bit, and at least one pair of clamps. A pair of sawhorses is also greatly recommended. You will be generating a lot of dust so, if you construct it in your garage like I did, donít plan to clean your house until after you complete your cabinet.  In addition, make sure you have safety glasses.

If you have access to a orbital sander, get it.  I did not need one but you may.

[Update- I purchased a table saw to help with later cabinets and would recommend it, if your budget allows.  This is a low-end model that Lowes sells for less than $180]



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