Cabinet Plans 2: Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts 
I suppose this is the page where I impart some great pearl of wisdom that will get you past any problem you encounter during construction.  I have no such nugget.  What I will say is that almost any problem you encounter during construction can be fixed, and usually quite easily.  You might have to step back, take a break and consider all the possibilities.  Myself, I like to rant a little while, take about an hour break, and during that time away from the project, the solution has presented itself. 

Remember this, too, that any imperfection in your cabinet will only be seen by you.  I can guarantee that anyone that comes over to admire your work and to play on the cabinet will never notice these slight blemishes.  My cabinet has so many issues from it being my first attempt it is not even funny, but no one else ever notices them.

I hope these plans have helped you in some way.  If you have any questions before or during construction, feel free to fire off an email to me.  And once your project is complete, please send me some pictures I can post.

Good luck.