Cabinet Plans 2: List of Plywood Boards

List of Plywood Boards
I have listed all the plywood boards required to build the cabinet.  Each board is linked to the page it is used on, to make your life a little easier.  I did not list the ledgers as it is not that critical to have them be exactly the same as mine.  Besides, they are listed on a single page already.

A PDF document showing how these boards can be cut from the three sheets of plywood has been provided by Tim ("Snowowl").

Plywood Boards


Side Panel [2]

See Page    


20-3/4"w x 30-15/16"    

Caster strips

4" w x 30-15/16"    

Monitor Shelf

20"w x 14-1/2"    

Speaker Area

20"w x 11-1/4" 30° beveled  

Upper Rear

20"w x 22-1/8" 40° and 35° bevels  


20"w x 31"    


20"w x 7-15/16"    

Front strip

20"w x 1"    

Drawer Base

19-1/4"w x 16"    

Drawer Front

19-7/8"w x 3-1/4"    


19-3/4"w x 30-3/4"    
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Cabinet Dimensions


Cutting parts layout (courtesy of Snowowl)